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Fifth International Third Age Tourism and Dynamics Congress November 30 - December 01 2017 ANKARA Hilton Hotel


Sponsorship and Opportunities for the Sponsors

1. At the congress, plaques and certificates of attendance, which will be prepared for the sponsors, will be given in the name of sponsors, to the senior executives of the sponsors at the end of their speeches. The plaques or the certificates of attendance will be given to Gold sponsors by the President, if he so honors, or the highest-level protocol attendee. The platinum sponsors will have their plaques or certificates of attendance presented by senior officials.

The sponsor’s logo will be included on the printed and visual materials relating to the International 3rd Spring of Life and Dynamics Congress, the congress stage, congress screens, congress guidance, congress website (en.yaslibakimiturizmi2017.com). The logos of the sponsors will be displayed according to level of
sponsorship, with the company logo making the highest level of sponsorship being the foreground and larger.

The sponsors’ names will be mentioned in the press releases and activities carried out by the congress organization.

Booth areas in the congress hotel lounge will be provided for gold and platinum sponsors.

On behalf of the gold and platinum sponsors a senior executive will be able to present a 10-minute presentation at a high-level official convention.

Gold and platinum sponsors’ logos will be exhibited in the dining rooms in which the dinners will be held during the congress.

Banners for gold sponsors will be displayed on the tables during the dinners.

Winners of the contests in the award ceremonies may be given technology awards as awards by sponsor companies.

The gold sponsors will also provide the dinner for the business world session, which will take place on the second day.

The logos of the gold and platinum sponsors will be shown on the Congress website.

The 4 prize winning pictures can be printed each with 500 logos of the gold sponsor in 34 x 50 cm format.

Joint demands can be made in cases of bilateral benefits.

For silver sponsors a booth area of 10m2 will be assigned in the congress lounge.
For the booth area 1.750 USD + 18% VAT will be paid.

14. For all sponsors food, rest, cocktail and other facilities are offered for two people attending the congress.

Sponsorship Fees
With each sponsor the contents of their participation will be negotiated and our organization will request the wanted sponsor and the support will be discussed.

Fees for Gold Sponsorship: $30,000 USD + 18 % VAT
Fees for Platinum Sponsorship: $15,000 USD + 18 % VAT
Fees for Silver Sponsorship: $1,500 USD + 18% VAT


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