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Fifth International Third Age Tourism and Dynamics Congress November 30 - December 01 2017 ANKARA Hilton Hotel



Taking New Opportunities in an Aging Economy
In 2016, the aging population of the world was 8.7 %. The top three countries with the highest aging population are Monaco with 31 %, Japan with 27.3 % and Germany with 21.8 %. Turkey ranks 66th out of 167 countries with 8.2 % of the country’s population being 65 years and over.
Although Turkey is just starting to feel the effects of the aging problem, the country has a wealth of advantages. These include climate, environment, nature, touristic infrastructure, tourism investment opportunities, rich thermal waters and thermal rehabilitation, investment opportunities in residential areas, a young labor force and academic structures in sectorial development. All these offer beneficial living conditions for its own elderly population, as well as for hosting elderly people from around the world.
In Turkey, the sector related to the elderly and elderly care has yet to be structured in areas of: investment, finance, technology, informatics, construction, service delivery, insurance, nutrition elements, nursing materials, nursing home management systems, education and education materials, communication and communication materials, tourism, support systems, media communication and media tools, linen and clothing textile, security systems, therapy materials, transportation and logistic components, legal solutions, design engineering and urban solutions.
In Turkey, there are many job opportunities with regard to the following issues:
a lack of service provision in nursing homes along with the need for improvements,
the supervising of patients with Alzheimer's disease who get lost and cannot be tracked,
a lack of palliative care centers and the strain this places on intensive care units due to elderly people coming for mandatory check-ups due to progressive health issues, making more advanced care centers necessary,
large building lots around hospitals have great potential value for the construction of elderly care areas made by public-private partnerships,
the many thermal water springs not in use could be used, prompting many different rehabilitation oriented concepts to be constructed,
cooperative projects for hosting elderly people from around the world at our underused tourism facilities would create considerable value in international tourism economy,
the government with the ministries are ready for incentive modules concerning elderly and concerning investment and implementation,
Turkey is open to giving benefits as land allocation to investors seeking to build facilities or factories,
the need for insurance models that will add to the living standards of people who are or are yet to be elderly,
the quick revision of investment concerning aging and the development of design models to convert them to improved livable areas,
the construction and presentation of smart housing which eliminates the challenges and dangers for elderly people in their daily life,
the urban design modules to be undertaken via local government in which elderly people will reside,
the development of qualified human resources for the elderly,
cooperation for the importation and production of all types of materials concerning the elderly.

The International Third Age Tourism and Dynamics Congress has a mission to provide a healthy and happy life for Turkey’s elderly and to turn potentials into services and job opportunities. This is supported principally by the Presidency, the Promotion Fund of the Turkish Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara University and by many government institutions, private institutions, non-governmental organizations and international institutions.

The fifth Third Age Tourism and Dynamics Congress will be held between November 9 -10, 2017 in Ankara. In 2016, the attendance for the congress was 526.
There will be sharing of experiences of national and international Institutions' representatives and /or persons who are experienced in services, management and manufacturing about aging in this Congress. Besides this; there will be meetings with the potential national and international companies which are willing to do business in our country and have the potential to have a role in developing the sector for aging. The participants will also find a chance to meet with high level representatives of our State.
All professional companies who wish to attend are required to contact our association center or apply via e-mail to info@yaslibakimiturizmi.com.All information about the Fifth International 3rd Spring of Life Tourism and Dynamics Congress is available at www.yaslibakimi2017.com. Details of the previous congresses are also available: for the 2015 congress visit: www.yaslibakimiturizmi.com and for the 2016 congress visit: www.yaslibakimiturizmi.org.



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